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Preston Rideoutt
Preston Rideoutt 11 April 2021 02:34
It's funny the brian voice dosen't go from high pitch to low pitch 
Drew Barer
Drew Barer 25 April 2021 02:44
You guys make great voices! 10/10 for you!
admin 25 April 2021 07:13
Quote: Drew Barer
You guys make great voices! 10/10 for you!
thank you!
amepic 27 April 2021 06:46
nice but can improve, try making it more and probably better than ttsmp3, dunno whats about this, the tts pauses but at some points wont see any pauses to pause to. Also pronounces some words wierdly.
ur mom
ur mom 1 June 2021 02:43
lololoooo xdddd klmaoa0sdiauf9hsidfasf
Omar alvarez
Omar alvarez 19 June 2021 02:30
Go!Animate! woo hoo this is my place

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